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MYtv is a revolutionary OTT space to stream live and on-demand videos unlimitedly for all your followers across web, mobile and smart TV. Being a core persona of India’s 1st Super App, MYn, this OTT has a wide range of genres that caters to every type of audience & helps you, the creator, connect, teach & monetise lessons at ease.   

As a music 
tutor on MYtv,
you can:

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  • Bring your students to one single platform for all your music lessons
  • Upload all existing music videos and lessons / or stream live for viewers
  • Monetise your music lessons with our commission-free model
  • Use MYn’s virtual work-centric communication tool, ‘MYwork’ for announcements 
  • Connect with a large pool of audience who could potentially become your students 
  • Enjoy the services of MYtv’s dedicated team that helps you with content planning, posters, channel management, and more
  • Level up as a music content creator with our OTT exposure and experience 

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